Size : 3-4 LB.
Shelf Stable : Store in a freezer
Frozen Product : Yes
Origin : Iowa
Texture : Delicate

Guanciale is an unsmoked Italian bacon that comes from the pig €™s jowl and consists of delicate fat & ribbons of earthy meat throughout. It €™s delicate texture is best used in cooking, particularly traditional Italian favorites like spaghetti alla carbonara and pasta all €™amatriciana, and adds an extra-luxurious texture to sauces and stews. La Quercia €™s Iowa-bred meat is simply seasoned with rosemary, black and white pepper, and sea salt, then cured for three weeks. Depending on how you’re using guanciale, you may want it sliced thinly or whole to cut into chunks. Since it €™s so rich, it pairs well with big red wines that can stand up to the flavors it deepens. Partially skin on.