Here at Artisan our mission is to always strive for the best. While it may seem cliché, It is what drives us, Each day our goal is 100% fulfillment, this means that what you order will be filled with care, attention and accuracy.

While our goal is a 100%, being in food service as long as we have we know that problems will inevitably arise so with that we have response procedures.

This is where we feel we separate from the rest. We want you to feel assured that we will find the appropriate resolve to any arising issue so you can focus on your needs.

Service with integrity is something that we discuss daily, The Artisan team works diligently with both vendor’s and customer to develop and maintain long lasting partnerships, one thing we have learned as life goes by, it’s who you are with not where you are at that makes it all worthwhile.

If there is a product that you’d like to have for your restaurant or food service establishment? Our purchasing department works hard to keep the most up to date and trending specialty products available in our inventory but in the event that we don’t carry something tell us; we’d be glad to look into your request! This is what makes it fun for all of us here.

Food is our passion and excellent customer service is our never ending goal.

We welcome you to please try us.

Availability Of Products

All products subject to availability. Backorders and stock-outs will be communicated as soon as possible. Weights on product list are available.


Orders will be shipped C.O.D until a credit application has been approved. Statement accounts are due by the 15th of the month. Past due accounts will be shipped C.O.D without prior notice. N.S.F checks will result in a charge of $30.00 to the account.

Claims & Returns

All claims must be made within 24 hours of receipt by notifying the office of your sales representative. The invoice number must be submitted at that time. All claims after the 24 hour period will not be accepted.

* Returns on Special Order Items will not be accepted. *


There are no set minimums, please call for further details on order sizes.