Creminelli – Piccante

SKU : C1217
Size : 5.5 oz. each
Case Count / Size : 9
Frozen Product : No
Flavor : Mild spice
Texture : Firm

Piccante is a spicy salami with red peppers and several varieties of paprika. It’s hot, but not so much that it overwhelms the great flavor of artisan cured salami. Salame Piccante translates to spicy salami, often called pepperoni. This thin, sometimes curved salami comes from the Calabria region of Italy. For this reason it is often called salame calabrese. Its international popularity has led to it being produced in an enormous variety of shapes and at varying levels of quality. There’s a world of difference between a genuine Salame Piccante and the pepperoni on fast food pizza. Piccante is stuffed into a curved natural casing, hand-tied and then slowly cured. Recommended with any cows milk cheese such as Asiago or Provolone.