Oktoberfest Sausage Sampler

Size : 24 lbs.
Shelf Stable : Store in a cooler or freezer
Frozen Product : Yes
Flavor : Varies by each sausage
Texture : Firm and Medium German sausages
Wine Pairing : Varies by the sausage

Variety is the spice of life, so offer a variety of German sausages to your customers. Where it’s Oktoberfest or the 4th of July you can offera a variety of German sausages all year round. Case contains 2 each: Bavarian Bratwurst / Bratwurst, Coarse / Debreziner, Mild / Garlic Knackwurst / German Farmers, Coarse Liver / Landjaeger / Nuernberger Bratwurst / Pork Liver & Bacon Dumpling / Ring Bologna / Swiss Cheese Knockwurst, Thueringer (Smoked Bratwurst) / Weisswurst with Parsley (Bockwurst)